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Frequently Asked Questions

The most immediate way is to send us the essential data of the motion transmission such as: type of driving machine - type of driven machine - installed power - rotational speed - shaft diameters - DBSE; based on these data the Technical Department will know how to indicate the most suitable type and size of coupling.
In addition to the correct selection of coupling type and size, correct assembly is also required by adhering to the prescribed alignments that minimize fatigue stresses. Sapitflex also provides assembly supervision using laser tools.
Sapitflex HN - HS series disc couplings are designed to solve this problem as, having no radial play, they maintain balance over time.
Sapitflex HS-series disc couplings are designed for this type of application: adherence to close construction tolerances, no radial play and a high degree of balance that is maintained over time, allow very high speeds for high-speed drives (up to 15000 [RPM]) for gas/steam turbines or pumps and for test bench drives (up to 30000 [RPM]).
Sapitflex HN series flap couplings are maintenance-free as they do not require lubrication and there are no wear components; only periodic inspection of the flap packs and their bushings is needed.
Sapitflex disc and elastic couplings are ATEX certified.
Sapitflex HN - HS series flap couplings meet API 610 - API 671 standards.
Yes, Sapitflex can design, manufacture and supply a drive unit consisting of motor - fast coupling - gearbox (special or from trade) - slow coupling - base plate, completely pre-assembled.
By sending the equipment to us for viewing, Sapitflex Engineering is able, for a variety of types of mechanical equipment, to examine its state of preservation, prepare the relevant report and formulate a technical-economic proposal for overhaul, or advise on the non-viability of carrying out a replacement.
Yes, Sapitflex also overhauls equipment that it does not manufacture.

Do you need to make a mechanical transmission of motion?

Our engineering department is at your disposal for the design and manufacture of power transmission couplings.