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Disc coupling, elastic coupling, rigid coupling, cardan shaft, freewheels and drive units

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The disc coupling is Sapitflex's flagship product which, combined with other types of mechanical transmissions, allows us to offer a wide range of solutions for various applications on plants in different sectors. 

The disc coupling SAPITFLEX is of the continuous-ring disc diaphragm type made of highstrength. Torque is transmitted rigidly by means of alternating conducting and driven pins on acommon primitive diameter.

The elastic coupling consists of two geared crowns (male and female) that are integral with each other. Elastic plugs with special high-strength compound working under compression are inserted on the female half-coupling.

SAPITFLEX rigid couplings are motion transmission devices that rigidly connect the shaft of the driving part with the shaft of the driven machine.

The self-lubricating gear coupling SAPITFLEX consists of a geared hub and a sprocket hub the driving elements consist of interchangeable cylindrical elements made of very high-strength, self-lubricating material.

The ROTOFLUID coupling is a hydrodynamic coupling made to provide the transmission with maximum safety of smooth operation and durability, and is placed between the motor (driving machine) and the machine (driven part).

Cardan shafts are transmission organs designed to transmit motion between shafts with large offset. I main components are: welded and flanged forks, gimbal crosses in turn consisting of cross pin with roller bearings and thrust bearings, broached male/female splined shaft, extension tube.

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