Cardan shaft

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Cardan shaft

Cardan shafts are transmission components designed to transmit motion between shafts with large offset. The main components are: welded and flanged forks, gimbals crosses in turn consisting of a cross yoke with roller and thrust bearings, a male/female splined shaft and spacer tube. The forks, splines, cross yoke, and roller retention cups are obtained from forged blanks or heat-treated castings to achieve optimum hardness and toughness. The crosses and cups are then finished by grinding.

The types of gimbal spacer produced by SAPITFLEX are:

  • DNFN SERIES - Cardan shaft with DIN 75/250 (GR 10 / 100) coupling;
  • WXDN SERIES - Cardan shaft with DIN 225/440 (GR 180 / 390) coupling;
  • WXFX SERIES - Cardan shaft with drag key (GR 180 / 550);
Fields of use: rolling mills and generally all rotary motion transmissions with high axial offset.

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